Why a turkey in Thanksgiving?

Today I make my very first think or thought. A think or thought is were, I have a question and look through a website to find a balanced answer. Anyway the very first think or thought today  is why is a turkey like a mascot of thanksgiving? Well most people think it starts out at the very first thanksgiving were the Pilgrims and the Natives made peace. Actually  the Pilgrims and the Natives probably did not have turkey because they did not know what food they ate. As it turns out Sarah Josepha Hale( the author of Mary had a little lam) wrote a book called Northwood which listed the turkey as the main meal. So the Pilgrim may have the first thanksgiving but Sarah Josepha Hale brought the main meal onto the table.





The site I used was https://www.thedodo.com/why-we-eat-turkey-thanksgiving-842136477.html

One thought on “Why a turkey in Thanksgiving?

  1. Hi Nick,
    I enjoyed both your riddles and the thoughts about why we serve turkey’s for Thanksgiving. Thank you for adding the website you used to obtain your information. One of the things that really struck me, was your desire to offer a balanced post.

    Have a final run through to correct any errors to ensure you catch those pesky misspellings and grammar mistakes. Keep adding wonderful information.

    Mrs. D

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