December 20, 2019

Where did my bones go?

One day I was eating at my favorite ice cream shop. I was trying a new flavor called chocolate blob. I took the first lick and all of a sudden I shrunk. Soon my mother came out with her vanilla ice cream  and saw me. She yelled ” Gabriel  come over here my little baby looks like he turned into a strawberry ice cream scoop.”  Then my dad came yelling” holly cow he’s missing his cranium, mandible and vertebrae.”  Jp come here. Holly chicken wheres his pivots, ball and socket, hinges, and gliding joints.” Said my older brother

Then my little brother came out saying strawberry ice cream very excited. “look its getting taller” said the girl who was scooping ice cream. Then my mandible came back and I could tell my sugar addict little brother that it was me. I could move now. The manager told me the ingredients of the ice cream and it freaked me out. they said it had one gallon of blood from someone who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and about 1 million osteoclast cells. I told them to stop making that ice cream.