March 4, 2021

Teachers in Middle School

There are many different teachers you will have in middle school. Such like your elective teachers as well as your world language teacher. Now i cant tell you what the best teachers are because it vary on your preferences but I can tell you which classes are the easiest. Let start with ELA. Now you do have to put effort in all of your classes but you will have to put in a little extra for all ELA classes. So i will do a rating on which gives most work in class. The easiest is Ms. Valva will Mrs. Arnold close behind. The only issue with Ms. Valva is if you do not treat her with respect she will not be so nice but that it is with all teachers. Second is math. I am going to be honest and that is there is no really easy math teachers. So since you have to have a math teacher you would want Mrs. Gervasio. Third is science and this one is a definitely easy pick.And that would be Mrs. Wilson. The other teacher Mrs. Specie is fine but Mrs. Wilson just is a no brainer of a pick. FInally social studies and no matter who you get is going to be fun. But I would have to say this person is probably the most recognizable name and that is Mr. Langley. Now for world language and electives that all comes down to your personal decision but if you have any question about a specific teacher just leave a comment.

December 20, 2019

Where did my bones go?

One day I was eating at my favorite ice cream shop. I was trying a new flavor called chocolate blob. I took the first lick and all of a sudden I shrunk. Soon my mother came out with her vanilla ice cream  and saw me. She yelled ” Gabriel  come over here my little baby looks like he turned into a strawberry ice cream scoop.”  Then my dad came yelling” holly cow he’s missing his cranium, mandible and vertebrae.”  Jp come here. Holly chicken wheres his pivots, ball and socket, hinges, and gliding joints.” Said my older brother

Then my little brother came out saying strawberry ice cream very excited. “look its getting taller” said the girl who was scooping ice cream. Then my mandible came back and I could tell my sugar addict little brother that it was me. I could move now. The manager told me the ingredients of the ice cream and it freaked me out. they said it had one gallon of blood from someone who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and about 1 million osteoclast cells. I told them to stop making that ice cream.

November 30, 2019

Why a turkey in Thanksgiving?

Today I make my very first think or thought. A think or thought is were, I have a question and look through a website to find a balanced answer. Anyway the very first think or thought today  is why is a turkey like a mascot of thanksgiving? Well most people think it starts out at the very first thanksgiving were the Pilgrims and the Natives made peace. Actually  the Pilgrims and the Natives probably did not have turkey because they did not know what food they ate. As it turns out Sarah Josepha Hale( the author of Mary had a little lam) wrote a book called Northwood which listed the turkey as the main meal. So the Pilgrim may have the first thanksgiving but Sarah Josepha Hale brought the main meal onto the table.





The site I used was

November 30, 2019

The Ultimate Daily Riddle

Todays riddle is I can be cold or hot, I can be made with fruit, vegetables, or meat but you always see me, who am I. Also the answer to the last riddle was Tur-key

November 27, 2019


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